Friday, December 19, 2014

19th December, 2014 Precious Cargo

A sequence of photos that we wondered if we would ever see but today Lenki went for his first journey in his owner's new horsebox. Although he wasn't completely calm, he travelled well and balanced himself beautifully - Rosy drove like an angel. She learned to drive in California during a fuel shortage and so is accustomed to driving for economy. The rules seem to apply here too as there were no sudden changes in speed, she drove steadily around roundabouts and anticipated stopping at all give way signs. Hopefully in this way we will continue to reassure Lenki that he is in safe hands.

"Oh Sarah- I am so thrilled with today.  We could not be doing this without you- thank you...x" RMcV 

Kestrel had a Christmas themed walk today going out short-reining in tinsel and jingle bells.

Our sessions with him wouldn't be complete without trying out a few things on Ollie too.

Tracey and I were treated to a posh box of chocolates each and my note said:
"To Aunty Sarah. Thanks for opening the world to me - Happy Christmas, Love Kestrel"