Thursday, December 18, 2014

18th December, 2014 Don't Leave the Country!

Across the high seas today to meet up with Jane and her three Shetlands, Mollie, Mairi and Pie. It's been a year since my first visit and I have been over a few times during that year. Little Mollie is now picking her feet up when she is asked and leading much more willingly. All three of them are getting used to some really unusual objects. Mairi has now got a new pad saddle and should soon be ready for a little rider.

"Thank you so much for a fantastic day, the ponies were all so good and we all had a great time. Your help has been invaluable when we think of what we achieved today, each pony enjoying the agility course even with the  windy weather. Added to that Mollie now being so sensible with grooming and feet, Mairi accepting her bridle and new saddle then going for a walk down the road and Pie accepting tarpaulins that move in the wind . I have learnt such a lot working with you over the past year and your training certainly shows in how far we have come with each pony with their different needs and ways. .And we had such fun !! We look forward to the New Year when we can, God Willing continue with our training sessions. A big thank you to Tracey for all her help and support and especially the photos." JB