Saturday, December 27, 2014

27th December, 2014 Right Hand People

It's great to be able to involve Tracey in more and more of the practical side of my job and she's certainly an excellent right hand woman.

Kestrel was an angel today and is much less jumpy than he used to be. I always allow horses to stop and look if they feel the need to and then they can move on with curiosity rather than fear. Today he thought there might be a crocodile in the water and a buffalo on the horizon.

Trotting off home. He's not worried about people running up behind him.

Then it was time for some more thoughts about left hand, right hand. Manoeuvring a horse in a rear facing vehicle isn't always easy if you are used to doing everything with your right hand and leading your horse from his left side. Today we worked on loading Lenki from his right, turning to face his rear and then backing him up with the right hand in order to close the partition with the left. Confused yet? It's worth analysing a routine like this.