Friday, December 5, 2014

5th December, 2014 Birds of Prey

We started the day with a Kestrel this morning and finished with a buzzard.

Kestrel was on form this morning and went out on the long reins for the first time in a little while. He's much calmer on the open forest than when we started working with him and takes most things in his stride.

Today we were overtaken by this lady on her horse with her dog and he was content to go along at his own pace.

His adrenalin went up a little when he saw something white and fluffy in the distance.

There was a little bit of a staring competition...

Trotting off home later.

Beau short for Beauty has also settled into her work. She seems to be enjoying some consistency and guidance.

She's already more relaxed.

We did some work through the L-shape. Going forwards step by step was really easy...

...but backing up takes more trust when there is a line behind you...

...and going around the corner was a bit of a test. However, step by step she did it.

We finished the session by going out for a walk along the track. She really seemed to enjoy it...

...and was really very brave.