Tuesday, December 16, 2014

16th December, 2014 Gutted

I am very disappointed on behalf of one horse owner today who's horse was having a follow up gastroscope after two months of treatment. The 'scope showed that the ulcers were just as bad as the time before even though she has followed the treatment plan to the letter. According to Tim (Brazil) the specialist vet, one in five horses do not respond to treatment and unfortunately this horse was one of them. He's now recommended a further round of treatment. Fortunately the horse is insured so everything is covered for now but the cost of the 'scope and Gastroguard itself is astronomical. I wish that someone, preferably a veterinary expert, would write a book or Kindle Edition outlining what people can do to prevent ulcers, protect a horse against ulcers, as well as detailing treatment when the horse has got ulcers. There is a Facebook Page on Gastric Ulcers where owners can talk to each other about the strategies and treatments they have tried.

Once the vet had gone we were loading a horse to go from his old home to his new one. He hadn't travelled for two years when he came down originally from Manchester area. Today he wasn't at all sure about getting on board but we got it all done without any huge drama and he's now in his field meeting his new friends over the fence.

He's certainly a very pretty boy, 3/4 Arab with a splash of Paint.