Friday, December 12, 2014

12th December, 2014 Far From the Madd(y)ing Crowd

An early start this morning to go to the other end of Dorset to rendezvous with Donna and Heidi and a beautiful pure-bred Morgan filly called Maddy. Maddy was changing hands from one to the other and going off to her new luxury home in Cambridge. Home-bred and well loved she has never travelled anywhere. My job was to persuade her to load into the horsebox.

I was rather hoping that this might be my Christmas present
Introducing clickered treats
All aboard and there's a good view from here
Rather than just load and go, we practiced going on and off a few times before she set off. 

"And well done to Sarah for doing such a wonderful job with her! Peace and calm all the way until she was loading like a pro!" DH

Maddy has been bought to be one of a matching pair of buckskin Morgans and to pull the vehicle above. She is such a sweet and intelligent mare and only needed to be shown that there was somewhere for her to go once she's got up the ramp.

Only one word to describe her sire: Lush! 
"Thank you so much for yesterday with Maddie, we made it home in good time, she was a little anxious in the beginning but settled well for the motorway. Quite a change for her, lots of horse vocal language in the yard for the horses today!!"HS