Tuesday, March 15, 2016

15th March, 2016 Cam-on-Bear

Met these lovely girls hanging about on the street corner this morning.

My own New Forest ponies all have hi-viz collars on but I am always interested in new ways of keeping them even safer. I recently purchased these wiz viz tail streamers which are usually used for horses being ridden on the roads. We have plaited them into their tail hair rather than using the tail band as I was worried that it might hinder their circulation with more prolonged use. I don't know how long they will stay in place but am thinking of glueing them on or sewing them into their hair in the future. What we can't have is endless littering of the Forest. They may not be practical for other ponies if they can't be put in place easily. Not every New Forest pony takes kindly to someone standing behind them like a hairdresser.

Bear and Jasper were having a chat over breakfast when I got there this morning. I wondered how easy it would be to get Bear into the yard and then the barn.

Happily he followed Jasper and then went into the barn very easily.

Work resumed from exactly where we left off yesterday with no need to use the feather duster or even the scarf...astonishing when you think that only a few days ago he didn't want to be near anyone.

Next it was Tracey's turn after which we played 'steal the pony' using clicks to grab his attention and take him off one another. Both of us had a headcollar and at one time he had two on with one of us on either side of him.

Finally we thought we would see if he would consent to being caught in the yard and he was absolutely fine.
"I'm so pleased he is doing well and so glad he us being a little poppet for you, I am totally amazed at how quickly you are turning him round and look forward to seeing you all Saturday." LW

It was good to see Cob x PRE, Flicka, without her frock on today. It looked like she was full of energy so we let her have a run around the school before beginning work.

Today we were working on desensitisation technique which included foot handling...

...the touch and move away technique...

...and preparing for clippers to be used when she is freeze-branded.

Like most Iberian horses she really enjoyed moving things which included the brolly. Not easy to operate in windy weather.

We finished the session like this (with the massager against her neck too).
"thank you for my photos and report, I really enjoyed today, I think personally that I have come a long way in a short space of time due to your brilliant teaching, I thoroughly enjoy you as a person too not just as my teacher/trainer!!" SS