Friday, March 4, 2016

4th March, 2016 Return of the Tooth Fairy

 The nearby Forest ponies were on high alert this morning listening to the distant baying of the New Forest hounds and the huntsman's horn.

With all the vehicles over at Janesmoor Pond I did wonder if it would disrupt our dentistry marathon. Fortunately, however, the field didn't come very close and we were able to work very calmly and even efficiently.

Cannot praise Nicky Brooks from The Barn enough for her work with my horses today; she also befriended Henry. We had six in the queue and she treated each one as an individual, taking her time to make sure they were comfortable mentally as well as physically. Great to get Pie and Jack checked and treated. It's always hard to decide whether it is fairer to leave them alone or to make sure their teeth aren't doing anything inventive. Intra-muscular followed by intra-venous sedation made sure that it wasn't stressful for either of them. I am very blessed to have two outstanding vets taking care of my horses.


Great news that there is no sign that Theoden's sticky out teeth at the bottom are deteriorating into a full case of EOTRH.

We had all been very restrained in our consumption of the chocolate biscuits and sent Nicky on her way with them tucked into the back of her car. She is on call all weekend and may need to rely on them.