Wednesday, March 23, 2016

23rd March, 2016 Beary McBearface

I've been looking forward to my date with this young man for a month! This is Twizzle, almost completely a New Forest pony, and he will be coming in for confidence training in May. His owner works very much on the same lines as me so we have got a good head start. I'm hoping my work experience students will enjoy working with him too.
Thank you so much for all your help today and for the report and training information you have sent me. Already I feel more confident in the way I handle Twizzle and am sure that will help increase his confidence in me. I was so pleased with the way he responded to you and how quickly his leading and stopping improved. I will sleep soundly tonight knowing that he is going to get the best possible chance of a stress-free transition to life in N..." CH

A quick lunch at Picket Post overlooking the Ellingham rugby field where the ponies provide some extra ground-keeping.

This charming chap greeted my when I arrived at the fields but I don't give in to highwaymen.

More catching practise for Bear with Lou, and his Auntie Lorraine...

...a first jump over a ground-pole...

some mock tying up with foot handling...and finally...

...a bear bottom. Bear is inclined to clamp his tail and so I used the one technique I pinched from Lesley Desmond - scratching his dock. This led to an immediate relaxation and a huge huge yawn.

Absolute triumph of the day, picking up Henrietta's hind foot for the very first time. You can see I am being cagey, using just one finger to start with.