Tuesday, March 1, 2016

1st March, 2016 The Horse Gym

Since the school was locked this afternoon, Sarah and I had to come up with another plan for Flicka. As she lives on a working farm there is plenty to see and do. So we treated the place like a gym, exercising on one piece of equipment, repeating a few times, before moving on to the next. In that way each new exercise was a rest from the one before and kept a young horse's mind engaged and happy.

Flicka was pretty much unfazed by everything, but even better than that she is now sharing her field with a field-mate. Although that field-mate is older and smaller, she's up for using a bit of energy!

"Thank you so much for my photos, report and the wonderful work you did with Flicka today as always!! I must say I'm impressed with myself in the photos as I look very chilled and even happy in some! Which is an improvement!!" SS

It seems that no day is complete without getting hands on with a cow, so this evening Tracey and I went to visit Flower.