Monday, February 29, 2016

29th February, 2016 Leaps Forward

It was good to be back on a horse again today for the first time since the injury I received four weeks ago. I'm not exactly comfortable but the sight of orange ears is always uplifting. I love the fact that Theoden and Petra can be left for so long and, probably because they live out full time and they have mellowed with age, there is no excessive energy when you get on board again.

They all came flying across the field...but only Theoden and Petra went out. We're just having a clickered treat each before we go.

Another black horse, Kizi, is doing well with her clickered halts introduced because she has a tendency to rush when out riding. She had an incident with a vehicle about 18 months ago and hasn't been the same since. Owner, Karen, contacted me during my 'sick leave' to ask me how she could help Kizi to be calm when things come up behind her out hacking.