Wednesday, February 17, 2016

17th February, 2016 I'm Only Happy When it Rains

I was impressed that my clients were prepared to brave the rain today in order to work with their young horses. Sarah has made great progress with Flicka since my first visit two weeks ago and they now look like a unit. Jane has purchased herself another Fell pony, this time a filly, and wanted to start as she means to go on. Whilst both horses live out, Flicka full time, and are therefore used to the rain, it is still a lot to expect a young horse to work in the face of it and to concentrate for a full hour. In Flicka's case we broke up the session by changing the subject and also letting her off for ten minutes to let off steam in the school and in Dee-dee's case we did the 50-minute hour, carrying over ten minutes to the next time.

Thank you so much for today. I feel really confident around Flicka now, it is so enjoyable working with you." SS
23rd February, 2016: " This morning I took Flicka down to the stables and gave her a feed! Then we went around the yard to look at the wheelbarrow and mounting block, I then took her back to her field and like when I started I finished with a couple of minutes walking and stopping her, she behaved impeccably, when I let her go she put her nose straight back into the headcollar!!! I feel on top of the world!! Thankyou Sarah xx" SS

"Thanks for today, really enjoyed it". JH