Sunday, February 28, 2016

28th February, 2016 Corps De Ballet

Ever since I was young I have loved cows but always had a healthy respect for them. I've been admiring this bull every time I make this particular trip and this morning I had five minutes to go and interview him personally. Although he was lying down as we arrived, he soon wandered over to the fence. 

He then presented his shoulder which I started to rub, rather gingerly,  which he seemed to enjoy immensely.

Working on a Sunday again but what a pleasant task. Another trip over to Minterne Parva this time to say goodbye to Theo. Once again one of our students has taken a fancy to one of the foals and although that is not part of the plan, it's lovely when it happens. Theo and Vicky are so well suited. He has the antecedents that she needs in a fantastic dressage horse and she has all of the calm and sensible attributes that he needs too.

We has an army of peaceful people with various roles - gate opening, leading, gate closing, and feed carrying.

Theo was led down the track with a feed to keep him interested. A week out in a field has taken a lot of the excess energy out of him.

Archie followed him down so that he wouldn't be isolated in the field...

...but Theo confidently led the way.

Archie asks Bella if she fancies going out later...

but isn't so keen to go back in the stable himself after his taste of freedom. He was soon in and took the opportunity to have a snooze despite the arrival of a horse box in the yard.

Energy restored, Theo on his way to his new home, and the fillies out for the first time in a few weeks, it was time to head back out to the fields.

With the two broodmares metaphorically in the lead for comfort and reassurance, we negotiated the corridor between the fields...

..and then into the fields where they could really let off steam.

The good news is that Theo has arrived at his new home safely and been introduced to a new friend. We'll look forward to hearing how he goes on in the future.