Friday, February 12, 2016

12th February, 2016 Talking Point

More telephone calls to end the week. Erica contacted me about her Dartmoor Ponies, all due to be moving into a new field next to other horses. What was the best way to make introductions when her ponies are still being tamed? We talked about backing them off from the main fence with an electric fence, which you can see they are used to already, so that they don't end up in the wrong side of the field. I'm looking forward to seeing this lovely collection in April.

Woody is an oversized Connemara pony and by all accounts a splendid horse. However, when he is out riding he tends to walk at 110% and rush. Claire and I talked about how to ask him to limit himself to 100%.

The current total raised for the FRS Animal Rescue Team is £464.

Meanwhile, Holly, the Warmblood foal continues to impress everyone she meets.

Caroline Bennetts, who does performance massage for horses using the Masterson Method said: 

"Holly is the youngest foal I have had to work with and for only 6 months she was amazing, letting me touch her everywhere, picking up her feet and she took it all in her stride.... she is adorable." CB
Amanda added:
"She's the youngest that my trimmer had worked on too, and she was an angel for him aswell." AS