Monday, February 15, 2016

15th February, 2016 Grasping the Nettle

Probably Julie's last ride on Nettles as he is due to go home to his original owner very soon. He's been with us quite a long while this time, at first on loan to Charly and then to Tracey for her children. I halter trained him about five years ago and when he first came to us he was very quiet and calm and took to being ridden very easily. Only a year ago he took Tracey's tiny children around the Mopley Fun Ride with Barbara 'on foot' on her mobility scooter all the way round.

He has also done some important therapeutic work with some ex-addicts who all fell in love with him and he with them. He was also a good subject for a management course. Sadly he got a bad scare last summer when an older child fell off him and ever since then we haven't really felt that he could be ridden by small children, just in case. It took a while to get his confidence back completely but we worked at it and he has been ridden by competent riders, Jodie, Jess and then Julie, with no problems ever since.

In the future he will need a competent small adult to continue riding him - perhaps one beginning with J.

He's a dear little soul and I shall miss him terribly. It is so tempting to add him to my collection but I already feel like I am spreading out my love too widely and anyway he needs to be ridden regularly if he is going to be a useful pony. He is only six and although I don't necessarily think that non-ridden ponies are 'wasted' this is one who enjoys his migrating and never minds going out on his own.