Thursday, February 18, 2016

18th February, 2016 Seascape

Left the mainland today to work with Jane and her Shetland ponies. We haven't seen them for a couple of months as I am no longer needed for veterinary or farriery visits. Indeed, most of the time I am no longer needed at all! It's great to hear someone clearly at ease with all of the concepts underlying IH and in Mollie's case, clicker training. Clicker has been the making of Mollie who was very combative when I first met her as a yearling.

The weather may have been beautiful but it was still cold, especially with the wind coming straight off the sea, a fantastic backdrop to our working day.

Today we mainly did a recap of groundwork and desensitisation. Although this sort of work always bears repetition, the ponies sailed through it really quickly, recognising a pattern to the work.

"Thank you so much for another fantastic training day. It is very good to revisit the basic ground work and then both Mollie and Mairi concentrated and learnt to move backwards around the poles. The afternoon desensitising work with all the objects in the dustbin again proved very useful and both ponies soon accepted all the objects Thank you for all the work we do together, goodness knows what Mollie would have been doing by now without you !!
Please thank Tracey as well it was so good to see her again and she did brilliant work with both ponies." JB