Friday, February 19, 2016

19th February, 2016 Reprieve?

Nettles' owner is as keen as me that he should not be kept in a field on his own and has therefore agreed that he can stay for another month. Even better than that, young Maddie came  to ride him today and she may or may not take him on loan at the end of March. We need to make sure that they are really suited so in the meantime she is going to ride him a few times and give me a hand with the other horses too.

Finished the day with a chat about Twinkletoes, an extremely pretty Welsh Section A now belonging to V. V has discovered that Twinkle isn't keen on people being on the right hand side of her body and wondered if I knew why. My experience of semi-feral ponies, and this one lived out on the Welsh hills, is that they are often one sided like this, preferring people to be on one side or the other and to stay there! It doesn't necessarily mean that they have been beaten on one side of their body.  I've talked her through how I would start to address the problem and know that V will work through it herself.

V's contribution to the crowdfunding page brings our total at the end of the week to £1004.

I know that people think that Animal Rescue is a normal and expected function of the fire service, something that is taken for granted. If you had to pay for the service that they provide at an animal rescue it would cost in the region of £1,000 per hour MINIMUM. Imagine taking out insurance to cover that!! We are so lucky to have them at all - in North Wales there is NO team. We are also so lucky to have Hampshire as world leaders in this field not just in terms of technique and training but the equipment they have designed and devised. PLEASE if your horse has been rescued by the team in the past, think very carefully about helping the Team now. That's why I got involved. Did you know that a donkey sanctuary that burned down got £7,000 in donations overnight, we are just asking for a contribution to equipment that may well save the life of an animal in such a fire or a highly dangerous situation in the road or other public place.

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