Monday, February 8, 2016

8th February, 2016 Everbody's Talk At Me

Just a few of the horses that have people have contacted me to talk about in the last two days in exchange for a donation to the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Animal Rescue Team.

This is Graham, a Shetland pony that has been trained with no fear, no force techniques and is now going to be taught how to long rein or short rein, or more likely, medium rein.

Aske, a Norwegian Fjord pony is also being prepared for being started.

Dragon, an Exmoor stallion, is being trained with clicker most of the time, and he is learning things like yielding. He lives with his wife, Feather, who is expecting a foal by him this spring. Will it be a filly or a colt?

Holly'hocks', the Warmblood x Thoroughbred Filly that has gone to live with Amanda and Tommy was my final appointment for today, talking about how to teach her to do a few more things independently and how to achieve that incrementally.

I couldn't resist putting in this final picture of Aske when he was 5 months pony on a smartphone.