Friday, March 18, 2016

18th March, 2016 Bear Able

Henrietta appeared pretty disgruntled this morning when Bear tried to push into the queue, particularly as all her biscuits were laid out on the shelf like some self service supermarket.


Peace was restored and Henrietta excelled her little self by picking up her feet for me.

We are some way of me doing this with a hand particularly as I value my knee caps. Everyone thinks that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but really it would be simmering in no time at all.

I used a TTouch move on her tail which was easily achieved with my bent feather duster and seemed to be appreciated.

Lou and I believe that Bear has had a bad experience with a rope at some time. During his session I concentrated on getting him used to one and building up his confidence.

Chasing things that you are afraid of is very good for the soul.

The sad news is that we waved farewell to Nettles this morning who has gone home to his owner after a couple of years with us. He needs such a competent rider and they appear to be few and far between so our attempts to loan him out or sell him have fallen on stony ground. We can't justify keeping another pony that is on the liability side of the accounts when his owner is only paying at cost and not covering any of the work that we do or the loss of grazing to my own horses. However there is a little ray of hope that he may yet have a ridden career as his owner turned up with a young lady of just the right stature and outlook and she is thinking she may enjoy bringing him on. In any event he will be branded so that if his owner wants to turn him out on the Forest she can do so at any time.