Wednesday, March 30, 2016

30th March, 2016 Bear No Grudge

A bizarre start to the day dropping off a donkey (plastic of) at the fire station before collecting a Morrison's bag full of pony bones from Bramshaw. Not only did my bone detective find the missing scapula, more vertebrae, a couple of ribs and lots of foot bones, she discovered two cannon bones one of which had clearly been shattered making that the likely cause of Honour's death.

My only appointment today had been postponed to next week so the rest of the day was my own. Henrietta had defected to the right and was cosying up to Jester who had to mind his chin when she started rolling.

Meanwhile Bear appears to be as good as new after his operation yesterday. He certainly doesn't seem to have taken it to heart, striding straight up to this afternoon's visitors, Karen and Linny from the charity, HorseWorld.

Linny is an Ambassador for HorseWorld and has a penchant for donkeys and mules which she has looked after for over forty years. She was keen to meet Henrietta and Henrietta seemed to be just as pleased to meet her.