Saturday, June 1, 2013

1st June, 2013 From Mallorca to Memphis

It was time to take Xanthe out on my rounds today and we also fitted in a bit of touristing. Shortly after 7 a.m. we visited Minty and put his head-collar on in the field. He is now booked in to be gelded later this month so I shall be visiting regularly to get him more accustomed to being caught and handled.

On the lookout for the stallion we came across this little chap instead. He had the wriggliest roll I have ever seen.

A bit more loading training and a ride around the obstacles for Coco and Rose before they went off home in the trailer. Both have arrived safely having travelled well. "Thanks very much for the whole week. In particular it is great that they now load!"AS

Later it was lovely to be reunited with Memphis, a Quarter Horse youngster, that I first met with his previous owner. I saw him and photographed him the day he was born and subsequently taught him to lead and to load as a baby. He's turned into a fine young horse and is curious about everything.

"What a great session!  The photos say it all.  Thanks for helping me to get Memphis back on track.  I think he's been trying to tell me for a while that he needs more attention.  I will carry on with the home work and try to make his little life more interesting."AL

News of Bluebell: "All going really well - have been riding her out with Simon on foot, and also took her over to Anna's yesterday.  We hacked out from hers, which is down bridleways, through a farm and quite a lot of road work, and it was bin bag day, and pouring with rain!!  She coped impeccably, only spooking slightly when a tractor applied air brakes!" AL 31.5.13