Saturday, June 8, 2013

8th June, 2013 Bluebell Would

"Bluebell is doing really well, the napping is diminishing whilst out with Simon, I am managing to move her on much quicker each time, just a few turns and she gives up!  She doesn't enjoy having him there though, and gives an occasional nip if he gets too close!

Yesterday I put her in the trailer and picked up my friend and her pony.She was amazing, accepting the ramp coming down and a strange pony Charlie coming into her trailer. We took them both for a lovely hack around Wilverely enclosure which is very busy. We experienced a lot of dogs, other riders, and a group of hikers with very large ruck sacks! Bluebell was a little worried by the hikers, but I spoke to them explaining that she was a baby, and when they spoke back to me, she realised that they weren't monsters and walked past quite calmly! After the ride we loaded them back into the trailer, dropped Charlie back home, which again she quite calmly watched him leave without any fuss, then came back home. I think that was all quite amazing!" AL