Thursday, June 20, 2013

20th June, 2013 Pepperpot - IOW Day Three

A shorter ride with Petra and Theoden today up to the Pepperpot at the top of St. Catherine's Hill. It was so blowy! We came back through the village and Theoden has admired his reflection in the window of the local shop. Incidentally I can recommend Isle of Wight Greek Style Yoghurt and rolled oats from this shop!

Dillon had some loading practice before his session today. He turned his nose up at the Native Pony Saddle Company saddle. As soon as Debbie got on him he looked uncomfortable and the saddle had definitely dropped and was grabbing his shoulder. Debbie didn't like the way the Heather Moffet saddle appeared to perch on top of him. It seems that the little Indian Pony may be turning into a Cowboy Pony.