Saturday, June 8, 2013

8th June, 2013 United Nations

If only horses could unite nations! Horses fascinate people of all kinds and of course they couldn't care less what religion or colour you are or how rich or poor you are; it's completely irrelevant to them. Today I am delighted to have packed a copy of No Fear, No Force to go to Israel on Monday, worked with a pony that belongs to a German lady and to have received feedback from a lady who is a Muslim about my visit to her pony a few weeks ago.

"I want to thank you so much for your support and advice.  S pony has been amazing since your input.  The next day I went to catch him and I had no problem.  I even did not have to make a small pen.  I have been able to catch him every day since then.  I am still doing the clicking technique.  The farrier has been and done his feet, without any problem. You really have done an amazing job." NA