Sunday, June 23, 2013

23rd June, 2013 Sunday Guests

Nettles was visited by his owner, Diana, today and her friend Nic and her family. Nic has taken a keen interest in Nettles and visited him regularly as well as doing some leading with him in his field at home. Today I demonstrated and therefore consolidated the work we have done on long reins and short reins and little Nettles just excelled himself. In time we will need to find him a suitable home and I just hope he finds somewhere where he will be absolutely loved and treated very kindly.

 Short-reining, normally undertaken with short reins (!), is just such a wonderful way of training a pony to accept the aids, the presence of a physical contact on his body, and control of his speed and direction. Nettles has taken to it like the proverbial duck.

Desensitising him to sudden movement on either side - I'm practising my Pilates on the move.

After this we all went out on the Forest and I had two very willing assistants. You might ask, "How many women does it take to long-rein a pony?!"

Later you might have wondered what all the excitement was about. The horses queued up behind the trailer and cavorted around the field. All this because....

... Lottie moved paddocks.