Saturday, June 29, 2013

29th June, 2013 And all that Jazz

With only the weekend to go before Lottie goes home, I have been practising with her head collar as often as possible. Her leading work is coming along and she is much happier about having her ears touched.

Meanwhile after going out on the lead rein with Petra,  Nettles accepted me on his back. He was just standing so quietly next to the mounting block that I thought that the moment was right. There will only be a few sit ons before I stop again since he is only three and I am not keen on three year olds being ridden. His owner is deciding what to do with him next and we are both hoping that he will find a nice home locally where he can be brought on really slowly.

Jazz is certainly ready to be started and today i was asked to assess exactly where she is in her education. She was completely unfazed and in fact fascinated by the brolly and her first session of long reining went well.