Sunday, June 23, 2013

23rd June, 2013 The Rough and the Smooth

"You wouldn't believe that he was really poorly the day after [my last visit], Amy came and had to sort him out including.sedation and open him up a bit again - infection. He was so good !!! I tried to get hold of you because I thought I couldn't do without you- but we managed thanks to your previous work." Angelika S.

"Smiling ?? I was like a Cheshire cat.  We took Dillon out for a walk through the bridleway where Jan has her horse and up though a couple of fields with the horrible gates unfortunately had to turn around to come home but he was an absolute poppet, got back to the field with not one paddy and then did some mounting block work assessed his mood which was good although very windy and got on (he stood like a rock) he was a bit on his toes when we moved off but not silly but did the AND work walked around the little field a couple of times till he settled and hopped off on a good note. I was absolutely fit to burst and was so proud of him." Debbie W