Thursday, June 20, 2013

20th June, 2013 Bucket and Spade -Day Five IOW

This morning it was all aboard the Skylark again to go to the East Beach at Ryde. Theoden and Petra have never been to the seaside so it was fantastic that not only did they step out confidently on the sand, but they went straight into the sea and were happily going up and down in the wake of the hovercraft and other vessels with the Spinnaker Tower in the distance. Theoden was disappointed that Appley Car Park was not very Apple-y at all but it turns out he has a taste for Italian ice-cream.

Once we'd finished our ride we took them back down to the sand for a lovely roll and Petra entertained the tourists with her gruesome groaning.

Little Dillon went for his first ride out this afternoon all the way up Crocker Lane on Head Down. He is going to borrow our little Circle Y saddle pending the arrival of one of his own and his owner is probably on Ebay right now searching for a saddle pad, cinch and a Myler Combination short-shank bit.

A roll, a run, a ride and a reward...

"What would I have done with Dillon without you? I didn't dream we would get on so well with these sessions. You have given me the confidence to deal with this and also really opened my eyes to the understanding of it all. Every time we have sessions, our bond grows and I really notice a difference in Dillon every time. I never believed this way of horsemanship could have such amazing results." DW