Sunday, June 2, 2013

2nd June, 2013 Minty Fresh

Xanthe and I walked to work this morning across the green at Woodgreen and up to Hale to see Minty. He's doing so well and allowing me to touch his legs and under his tummy with the feather duster.

After elevenses we went off to the New Forest Wildlife Centre to look at the otters which include the illusive Giant River Otter that David and I didn't manage to see in Guyana. It was good to see the important work at Karanambu mentioned. We also saw their Canadian, Asian and British counterparts.

Finally we went up to the fields to take Jack and Nettles for a walk - well at least xanthe walked and they trotted and cantered.

When we got back we turned them both out with the others and watched them for a while to make sure that they all settled down again.