Saturday, June 1, 2013

1st June, 2013 On the Threshold of a Dream

With no humans to train yesterday, Julie and I were able to work purely with the horses and reflected upon the fact that we got a lot done! 

We started off by loading Petra and Theoden into the trailer to make sure that they will fit (!) and that they are happy. We're all of to the Isle of Wight on 12th June but we are not going to the Festival.

Next we loaded Coco and then Rose in readiness for their journey home today so that we could be satisfied that each of them would cope with the gates and ramps being closed. By the end of the session they were doing it with their eyes closed, or at least I was.

Next we took the 'Wellow Brothers' out together so that Jack could act as lead horse and show Nettles that there's a big wide world out there and nothing to be afraid of.

Nettles had a good look at the concrete road before crossing it's threshold and thereafter didn't worry about any new surfaces. Once in the inclosure both of them could go off the lead rein - Jack following Julie for clickered treats and Nettles following them both just for the fun of it. He seemed very very happy.