Sunday, June 9, 2013

9th June, 2013 What's in the Box?

Just two more training opportunities for Minty before he meets the vet on Tuesday morning. In an ideal world no-one would get their pony gelded at this time of year when it can be warm with lots of insects. Fortunately the weather forecast is showing cooler and rainy weather this week so hopefully all will be well.

Minty's headcollar goes on in just a few seconds now and he is only a little apprehensive. The training now is as much for the vet's benefit as his and so I am including things that he might find difficult on the day. This includes putting my finger in his mouth as he will have a good dose of Domesodan which has to be placed under his tongue.

He is still reactive when his undercarriage is touched but also capable of making a decision not to kick. Of course he will be very heavily sedated on Tuesday so hopefully we will be able to keep everyone safe.

Next today it was off to to the fields. We came across this companionable couple at Fritham and they made a lovely picture. What a great thing for a ridden horse to be so calm about a carriage.

Then off to Brockenhurst where Sally was just coming back from taking Rosie out for a walk. We picked up our cargo and set off back to Fritham once more...

Out on the open Forest at Fritham we opened the box...

and let Blue and Nelly back out. They appeared to be very pleased (and fat!).

There was much excitement back at the fields because Charly had arrived with his family to see Indiana.

Chancer is rather fond of little hands himself and would stand for hours of this.

Although Indiana is only two, there seemed to be no harm on putting her first rider on board.