Monday, March 17, 2014

17th March, 2014 Piglets Might Fly

 Piglet seemed most surprised this morning to find timber in the woods. These horizontal trees are menacing. With every bit of his body leaning backwards, and with his hair, ears and eyes all staring forwards, I did wonder if I might lose him. He was certainly poised to go. But then he touched me as if to say, are you all right with that log?  Yes, I replied and then he relaxed and chose to stay. Similarly he chose to stay when we were forced to jump over a wet ditch by another recumbent tree. I'm hoping he is starting to see me as a safe place.

With another good morning's work done it was time to give Rachael an opportunity to polish up her long reining and so we took Nettles out into the woods too. By positioning herself to his left or to his right she is able to give him advance notice of the direction we will be taking at the next junction and reduce the risk of him getting confused or nappy.