Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5th March, 2014 Extras

I wasn't going to take the camera to work today so I promise to only show you anything extra that Piglet did. At first I thought we'd taken a step in the wrong direction since he seemed to be avoiding anything testing by moving on from person to person. However, once he had done the rounds a couple of times, he accepted his head collar, the scarf and being brushed. Here are the new things:

First time anyone else has put the headcollar on

Walking along the see-saw lengthways...

...and walking on the bridge with no hesitation at all

Later I wondered how close he would let me go before he became alarmed and got up...

From a distance...
Getting pretty close

Pie turned up to watch our session...

...and had a little chat with Piglet.

"Needless to say we are impressed and amazed as with all the updates at the moment."DB

Rachel was in charge of Nettles today and, under Charly's tutelage, made sure that she asked him a few questions.

We don't seem to have put her off running

I rode Nettles for a little while too.

Back at the fields I took the opportunity for a rest on a very nice warm bench.