Sunday, March 30, 2014

30th March, 2014 Stick in the Mud

One of the things on Piglet's to-do list was to get more used to children. He was rather surprised by the game of 'It!' but by the time we got to 'Stuck in the Mud' he was fine.

Once we'd worn the children out, we introduced them to Piglet, outside the pen....

...and then inside....I have no children of my own (and I don't mind) but it's great to be able to borrow other people's.

While Nettles was being brushed into within an inch of his life, Jack, who looks like the result of a pillow fight, is learning a new way of going over the bridge. Until now he has jumped it.

Piglet was happy to watch men at work...

but did offer to wash the car with Indy.

They were keen to offer David a spa day too....

...and wanted to do the washing up straight after lunch.

"What a grown up boy! I can't believe it's the same pony. Those photos made me smile. Walnuts and rice- must be a welsh thing!" DB