Tuesday, March 4, 2014

4th March, 2014 Pass The Piglet

For semi-feral ponies one person is a person and two people are a round up. Time to start to get Piglet used to other people and people in groups. We set ourselves up in a triangle, and later a square when Charly arrived, so that we could pass Piglet from one to another of us by various means. We could 'steal' him by getting his attention with a click and good body language, take him to the next person loose, with the scarf or with the head collar and scarf, put things on and take them off, and hang around the corners with each other. For him there is no safety in our numbers and so he was a little shaky at first, not quite trusting that we were now all operative operatives, however, he grew more and more confident as we went on.

Every time we work on something new it makes what we did the day before very easy indeed and sometimes I can make that just a little more challenging without him seeming to notice at all.

Nettles looks very fetching in Theoden's browband. He has a very wide forehead for all those brains. He carried his bit for a while today and was ridden with the English saddle on for the first time.

I don't appear to need roller skates.

We also took the opportunity to watch the Forestry Commission log grabbing thing.

Rachael is getting some hands on work with the ponies but wasn't so impressed with the idea that running is part of her work experience. Perhaps it should be for every one but certainly Tracey and I run together whenever we can in order to keep our minds and bodies fit for the horses. So the three of us managed two miles as a starting point today. I wonder if she will turn up tomorrow?!