Tuesday, March 18, 2014

18th March, 2014 The Hermitage Times

A ferry crossing to the Island this morning for the three of us, armed with a camera and kit bag. The Miniature Shetlands were fun and fab to work with again. After being long reined, Pie went for his first walk out since his arrival over a year ago and loved it. He was brilliant with the traffic and earned himself eleventy million out of ten.

Molly also went for a long tour of the grounds which included visiting the rabbit, negotiating the patio and looking at the daffodils.

Thank you for another fantastic day we seemed to achieve a lot in both sessions all three ponies benefited from your visit today. It was great to get Mollie out leading all around the garden albeit a bit strong she was well behaved and didn’t mind the various obstacles we saw, will keep on with the walks so it becomes a little less exciting and we can return and relax to the ‘smile ‘in the lead rope. Progress with her feet was also good and the techniques for the tying up behaviour also worked really well., thank you so much.

Pie  was a real star, you have made such a difference to him, he is much more relaxed. His long reining and his walk up the road were so rewarding, he clearly enjoyed both and was just so good with the traffic and being out of his.’home’ area. He was a delight to work with.

And Mairi also had her part to play in showing Mollie how we should walk around the garden area. Thank you for teaching us all so much and giving me confidence to continue with their training. Thank you to Tracey and Rachel for their part in helping us. 

We will look forward to another session in due course, it is also good for them to work with other people and not always myself.

Thank you, Jane & David, Pie, Mairi & Mollie xx"JB

Received 19.3.14:

 "Still so pleased with the great day we had yesterday. Just wanted to tell you that today Pie and I went for a walk up to the top like yesterday and then we also went all down the lane that also joins up with the main road, at this point a coach went by about the same distance as we were from the main road yesterday but he wasn’t bothered. We met a few cars, had a sniff at somebody’s big green recycle bin which had been left out, went up a driveway where lots of workmen were demolishing things then walked on with the noise behind him, past the noisey drains. listened but carried on past  strange noises behind a fence ( there was a person but Pie didn’t know that ) he was brilliant, jogged along side me but not pulling, I think I probably walk quite fast so tried to slow down and set a slower pace!!. He seemed to really enjoy himself and was happy to be out and about. He earned himself lots of rubs.

Mollie has also been for another walk around the grounds, of course she had to go without her Mum today because I wasn’t going to attempt to take both at once so Mollie had to be brave. In fact she was really really good for the first 60% of the walk very calm , a smile in the rope and I was able to use one hand to give her lovely rewarding rubs. We went closer to the quad bikes, trailer and yellow plastic cover all ok, past the rabbits. She started to  pull and gave a big buck when we were up on the view point bit, where Tracey took the photo of the sea between Mairi’s ears, but the buck was entirely in her space not mine and it was quite windy on this point.. We walked back down the lawn, she is not happy about walking from the grass to the patio best to choose the flattest place, anyway a big rub for doing it. Got a tiny bit stroppy when we left the lawn to go back because she had been munching grass pleased to say she calmed down and walked the last few yards calmly so finished on a good note. Oh and Mairi was calling for her though out most of this walk but Mollie wasn’t  bothered. Feet, perfect this morning and before turn out and much better at tea time when no sharp kicking just a bit fidgety.
Felt a bit mean because Mairi hadn’t had a walk but she so pleased when Mollie went back in the paddock with her I left them to groom each other.

Sorry for the long message but so pleased that all your wonderful help yesterday has been so successful today! JB