Wednesday, March 19, 2014

19th March, 2014 Sweet Sixteen

Did you miss me? Back to work with Piglet this morning, main aim to see how he reacts to the fixed lead rein, especially if he gets loose. Here are sixteen pictures that show how we got on...

He could get round on his own

Coming up to be caught

We start with the scarf and stick to his left hand side for today

He's pretty brave about new things

And bold about old ones....

The tarpaulin is a doddle

The tyres are fine

Lead rein on...

and a BBC repeat for a while

The umbrella was interesting until it went flap and then he left...I didn't try to hang on to him; it's not possible

He didn't go far and didn't panic about the rope following him or hitting his legs. He didn't even seem to mind when when it jolted his nose when he stood on the end of it. Obviously I would prefer that didn't happen but it may be unavoidable so we might as well know what would happen. 

He parked himself on the see-saw which made us all laugh but wouldn't let me take hold of the rope. He's very wary of being grabbed.

So I was very careful to simply take hold of it very gently - feigned nonchalance is a great thing

As is clicking and treating as if nothing significant has happened.

We go off again after a little while and all is well

So I let him go and he chooses to stay.

Time to play musical horses next so that we can take Petra and Theoden out for a ride. After a short reunion, Theoden and Bella show the youngsters how it should be done.

Rachael is on her last few days with us as a work experience student. She's graduated to long reining Petra and had a short ride on her to end her working day.