Wednesday, October 15, 2014

15th October, 2014 Only Playing?

Before my Pre-Paris packing it was off to the little field behind Lyndhurst Fire Station to photograph an international event. This tiny area of grass and woodland is the setting for the most important training for members of the Fire and Rescue Service Animal Rescue Team from across Britain and the rest of the world. Here, come rain or shine, the officers are subjected to the most realistic 'rescue' scenario that can be devised in order to practise and test the skills they have learned on the ART3 course which is for Animal Rescue Specialists.

Unfortunately the driver of this tractor was distracted by the sound of gunshot and has driven into the trailer just as the rider was unloading her horse.

Two down and one of them is set to scream for the next twenty minutes!

Jenny is unconscious under her horse which was also spooked by the gunshot and is now firmly trapped between two trees.

Colin saw the whole thing unfold and he is urging the fire officers to hurry up.

The vet is called and he gives this horse a big dose of sedation before going over to anaesthetise the other.

Amanda is truly concerned for her friend and as yard owner thinks she ought to be directing proceedings.

But Di is in good hands

They've managed to get Jenny out and onto a body board.

And now it's time to extricate the horse...

Out for the count, this horse is allowed to come round and the vet can check for injuries. 

Passing tourists are intrigued...the dog, fortunately, does not need rescuing.

Taking great care with heavy equipment all of which has been desgined to make rescues much safer.

The spreader bar is in place....

and the horse can be lifted out...

...once his feet touch the ground the harness can be released automatically.

The de-briefing. All of this is great fun for the actors but deadly serious for the fire officers. 
To find out more about the work of the Animal Rescue Team go to: Friends-of-the-Hampshire-Animal-Rescue-Team