Monday, October 27, 2014

27th October, 2014 Nineteen Pictures to the Dozen

What a great day to spend entirely having fun with our own horses. We have been planning for some time to steal young Imy, who owns Kiki, well at least just for a day. This young woman has a slightly different angle for looking at the world, and an instinctive way with horses. She gained the trust of my little lot straight away.

After a run out on the Forest she worked on asking Jack to walk over the bridge which he usually prefers to jump. Her timing is immaculate and she's as happy using clicker treats as I am.

Out on the Forest we met a friendly pony that has only just been turned out but Pie was also willing to come up and meet her and he is normally very shy.

Up at the Pub (no alcohol!) we met John Carter of John Carter Carriages who told us all about his lovely Dutch Warmbloods, Johnny and Zinzella, who are on a working holiday at Minstead. New to driving, Zinzella (right) was going to be put down because of her Ballerina Foot, but was repaired and trained by John, and this morning went under the underpass under the A31 and then encountered donkeys and cows which were everywhere.

Back at the fields the horses were all waiting for us.

I needed to do some preparation work with Theoden before he is clipped on Sunday. Not only did he accept the electric toothbrush on his body without a murmur, he really enjoyed having it on his teeth and gums!

Time then to take Imy out on Theoden and over some obstacles back at home.

"Thank you so much for today and the lovely photos.  Imy had a wonderful time.  We really appreciate you giving up your time to spend the day with her.  She keeps telling us about all the exciting things she has learnt. She was very impressed by the impact on relaxing her shoulders on the horse she was riding!" WR