Friday, October 17, 2014

17th October, 2014 Not Throwing Toys Out of the Pram

Kestrel enjoyed meeting a young Estonian with his Mum out on the Forest today. They were out collecting mushrooms and I have to say they are much braver and more knowledgeable than me as they had all sorts of funghi in their little basket.

Short reining through a herd of ponies and over the Billy Goats Gruff bridge at the bottom of the hill.

Another DPD driver to thank as this one crawls by on the private track.

Tigerlily is growing calmer about her clickered rewards and we're able to reduce them down to a much more reasonable level. Now there are no treats simply for Caroline getting on but three clicks and a treat for coming to an unemotional halt. We give a single click (but no treat) for each stride while we are walking out. This reassures her that she's doing the right thing.