Tuesday, October 7, 2014

7th October, 2014 Bay Watch

Torrential rain has forced a few postponements over the weekend but I managed to get out to two horses today without getting wet. There is absolutely no point working with horses in the pouring rain as it just makes them much more inclined to say 'no'. Once they are working well in calm weather they can be asked to endure a little more.

We started some loading training with Dove who  hasn't been loaded since she arrived with her new owner a couple of months ago. She's very mobile at the front but inclined to plant her back feet. This is a common scenario and one I get asked to work with quite a lot.

Next it was off to Caroline's to work with her and Tigerlily. Caroline has been working on patience and peacefulness since I last saw her just a few days ago.

Once in the saddle she is working on sitting up more so that her seat is more secure. The hope is that we can then transfer responsibility for the clickered treats to her as the rider.

The Forest is now wearing its Autumn colours.