Saturday, January 10, 2015

10th January, 2015 Knowing Your Horse From Your Elbow

Poor Dawn has Tennis Elbow at the moment making it painful at times to work with her horse and not always easy to concentrate. Dylan has settled so well over the last few weeks and this made part two of our desensitisation session much easier than the first time. He sailed through all of the exercises.

I might have been a bit distracted by Lucy the Lanceer Newfoundland

There's nothing quite like the love between a young girl and her pony. Today R was trying out my little pony saddle in advance of a visit by the saddler next week. When you're only little you don't need to be swimming about on a saddle that is too big.

"I am very pleased with Dylan, he just goes from strength to strength every week...Many thanks again for a great day." DB
Two photos of equine clients past have arrived today...

This is Bryn, an Exmoor pony that I halter trained quite a few years ago. He had a white star and was spotted by his owner Diana out on Exmoor. Fortunately she bought him as his future would have beeb very uncertain given that he wasn;t eligible for registration as a pure bred Exmoor pony.

And this is Tatonka a horse I did groundwork with in Kenya last year. His ridden training was carried out by Monica Campori and here he is back with his owner at a Lucinda Green clinic. Doesn't he look great in his very simple tack?

Dina has been caught every single day since I worked with her last Saturday - long may it continue!