Thursday, January 15, 2015

15th January, 2015 Jaz Hands

Managed to enjoy one appointment without actually getting blown away today. This time we were working with Sarah B's other horse, Jazmine (with a z) daughter of Dina.  Jaz is four years old and has just been started under saddle. Sarah has walked her around the local tracks and woods since Jaz was young but recently she has become trickier to handle on the ground. We went though a groundwork session, asking Jaz to vacate the leadership position and to follow some basic rules. Like a lot of young (and highly bred) horses she asks a lot of questions and yet she is really responsive and much happier when she knows what she is meant to be doing. Knowing Sarah she will practice regularly and this will all become rather easy.

Could you just stand over there for me?
Let's go over here together
...and through here
and move across there...
and then we'll go for an interesting walk.
On the way back across the Forest I had time to take a photo of the ponies happily munching on the cut and crushed gorse.  My favourite mule is also amongst them.