Friday, January 9, 2015

9th January, 2015 Making Our Day

Lots of highlights to our day today. Lenki loaded easily and travelled well to Ladycross where my remit was to give him a really enjoyable session.

Passing through Beaulieu en route.

Considering we've only done the desensitisation work once in the past, Lenki was extremely brave and confident. He was in such a sunny mood too. Rosy thinks he thinks he has to humour the eccentric!

He's never long reined before but took to it well...

...and loaded well to go home again.

"What a triumph, Sarah!!  I can't believe we were out and about like that.  I love the photos-  you and Lenki look like you are having such a fun time!  I've learnt so much from you about getting the best from my lovely horse and not just about loading. Thank you very, very much- you've changed our future together." R McV
We didn't reach Kestrel until it was pretty grey and gloomy and very windy too. He didn't jump at anything today...

...and happily sploshed through the water splash.

Sadly Tracey wasn't available today so I borrowed Sharon P who got involved from the outset and is responsible for most of today's photos.

"I loved every minute. You're an inspirational genius!  Will put what I learned today into practice." SP

Came home to this email:
"We have just been using your book to train a foal from Hope Dartmoor Rescue. We would like you to know how well we have got on. The head collar is on and he has responded really well to all your advice. He particularly likes the 'Tickle Stick'. We have done 4 or 5 daily sessions of about 1.5 hours [in total I am assuming!} and he is now very relaxed and can be approached from both sides. The book has been a revelation and we are amazed by the speed of his training." Chris and Tamara Butterworth