Friday, January 30, 2015

30th January, 2015 Melody Maker

Little gypsy cob, Melody, aged three, is clearly delighted to see her owners when they turn up but she's a little reticent about having her headcollar on. They've only owned her for six weeks and have done well with putting on her rug and picking up her feet.

A different method of putting the headcollar on, coupled with a clickered treat, proves to be popular and we start some work on leading and groundwork.

We work on finding a rewarding touch that she really likes - deep flat and slow - rather than patting and asking her to stand still nicely without invading space. Bred in Ireland, she's a pretty careful little horse and pleased to get things right.

I love it when a horse demonstrates so clearly the 'into-pressure' response, you push, I push. It's as if she has read a book. It might have sent her to sleep!

"It was so lovely to meet you today! We haven't stopped talking all day about Melody! We are thrilled at how well she did and we love the techniques  you've taught us!! We will be practising what we've been taught." CD