Friday, January 2, 2015

1st January, 2015 We Can Put Humpty Together Again

Off to London to see the Queen, or rather All the Queens Horses, for the third year running. Having described myself as Tetua's ammenuensis I was encouraged on Facebook to "have a lovely day as Tetua's bitch" but as Tetua is Patrick Kempe's beloved Lusitano rather than a rabid rap star I didn't mind one bit.

With 75 horses parking was a bit tight in Stratton Street since most people opted for trailers rather than paying £200 to bring a lorry into London. You'd think that when people are giving up their time and energy to bring their horses into London to entertain half a million people they could be offered an exemption just for one day.

The parade itself was fabulous and, thank goodness, no rain. The Iberian Team was followed by a traditional gypsy caravan...

...whilst following a very noisy Keralan band from Croydon!

Patrick was his usual warm and garrulous self, greeting the crowds and half passing across the street to make sure he said hello to as many people as possible.

We were joined by an American Quarter Horse, Sandi's Interest, that had become separated from his own group and therefore became known as "THe Lone Ranger". Even the statues had haynets...

At the end of the Parade it is was time for a play at Horseguards' Parade

and then a promenade along Pall Mall and down to Buckingham Palace.

Tetua pays his respects...

Patrick does a lot of preparation for this event with Tetua, attending shows and also taking him through the middle of Lymington on Market Day.