Thursday, January 8, 2015

8th January, 2015 Check Mate

With this morning's work cancelled because of the rain there was time to visit our horse Chancer who is out on permanent loan to the wonderful Nicky. He was having a duvet day and so not adverse to a little company and a few kisses and cuddles. There are three other horses in his little block so he isn't stuck for horse companions. He's looking so well and happy, I couldn't wish for more.

He lives just around the corner from Anna who was due for one of her regular visits from the farrier. As usual my job was to catch her and make sure that she didn't savage the farrier in one of her more grumpy moments. Her elderly owners are too frail to catch her and hold her. Although she is always good to catch now, she still pulls the most ghastly faces and I'd still say she can't be trusted not to attack if she feels slighted in the slightest. Although she can have the softest face and forward ears one second, she can have her teeth bared and a very angry look in her eye the next. She is still really a wild mare.

Matt asked if he could try catching her and although she put her ears flat back she did at least let him.