Friday, January 23, 2015

23rd January, 2015 Another Day in Paradise

We have spent most of this week working with horses on the Forest itself which allows us to take circular routes and access all areas. It's been great.

This morning we went off for our regular appointment with Kestrel and now, Ollie. The good news is that Ollie is definitely going to be staying as Kestrel's companion pony. Today we did some loading practice with both of them and they were both really easy and willing.

Going on...

...bars all up...

...front ramp down doesn't mean pony out.

Ollie's turn and he's slightly more nervous but wiling to give it a go...

...under Kestrel's watchful eye...

...and out we got again.

Next stop was Lenki where I had arranged for him to have a treat with Zoopharmacognosist, Caroline Jones, who qualified with her namesake Carolyn Ingraham.

Lenki is his usual handsome self

Sniffing the macerated oils...

...and the Essential Oils - he particularly liked Violet Leaf

What else have you got, lady?

Smells nice...Flehmen enables the horse to pass the scent over the Jacobson's Organ and experience it more intensely.

Barley grass - in powder form
By the end of the session Lenki seemed to be very laid back and happy. Much less inclined to react to the sights and sounds that would normally make him alert. We're hoping that this will have a positive effect on his general anxiety levels.

"...what a fascinating session with Caroline. I'm going to send an email to both of you later with how he's been since but- heads up- he ate his tea and his breakfast for the first since July. AMAZING." RMcV