Tuesday, January 13, 2015

13th January, 2015 Bush Baby

It has been 18 months since I last worked with Bluebell and she has gone on to be a great hacking pony and has been out and about all over the Forest. Following what was hopefully a blip just before Christmas her owner asked me to come out and assess her before she is ridden again. During the few weeks she has had off, Bluebell hasn't thought about much except food I expect whereas as riders we tend to over analyse things and of course to receive advice wanted and unwanted.

It seemed to me that Bluebell was her calm and happy self - especially when she is out on her home ground where she was born. She's nicely forward going but inclined to take control of the bit and so we need to work on that with lots of counted stops both on the ground and from the saddle.

Everything was going very smoothly until the weather intervened and we had to hide in a gorse bush to take refuge from the enormous hail stones and the odd clap of thunder. That ended today's session but we'll be meeting up again (weather permitting!) next week.

"Thank you for pictures, and report, all makes perfect sense as ever!x" AL

There is never any harm in going back a few steps in training in order to start a horse off again and the more basic work can be used in parallel with their ordinary work in order to keep them exercised mentally and physically.