Saturday, January 31, 2015

31st January, 2015 Chief Supervisor

Chief Supervisor again today while Tracey and Julie worked with Bella and then Nettles. Both ponies made significant but quiet progress and everything is heading in the right direction even though they are only being ridden once a week. Bella is in her fourth year and Nettles in his fifth, having had a long break because of disruptive teeth!

Girth tightening and a bit of a lead round before handing over to me on board Theoden. We have ponied Bella so many times now that this seems to be a logical step in her ridden training too.

I can help to guide Bella at the same time that Julie applies gentle rein and leg aids so that Bella starts to make the connection.

Probably about 25 minutes training in all.

Next it was time to take Nettles out for some work in the inclosure. He enjoyed his first official canter under saddle and was happy trotting about too. In fact, he wasn't quite sure he wanted to stop.

Back out on the open forest Tracey put the lead rein on to be on the safe side. The three of them practiced counted stops all the way home.